The Orgin of Our Name

We have all had a passion for science, and a curiosity to learn about the world around us, from a very young age. We wanted to know everything there was to know about our (galactic) universe, which is why we were inspired to go with the name Relatively Quantum. Our name refers to the 2 key theories about the universe: Quantum Mechanics pioneered by Physicist Max Planck, and the famous Theory of Relativity by the one and only Albert Einstein. These two theories have covered the polar opposites of our physical world, branching out from the smallest atoms and molecules you can think of all the way to the largest neutron stars that we curiously gaze at in the night. After learning of these two theories and how they intertwine with each other to create the fabric of our world, we knew we had to incorporate it as a billboard of our passion and love for learning. Thus the FTC robotics team, Relatively Quantum was born!