Meet the Team

Meet our current team members. Want to be added to the list?


Armaan Sengupta

12th grade

Hey! I'm Armaan. I am the founder and captain of Relatively Quantum. I look forward to being a mechatronics engineer in the future.


Muskaan Sengupta

10th grade

Hi, I'm Muskaan! I have a passion for writing, so I decided to pursue writing the Engineering Portfolio. I am also the team's PR & outreach manager.


Muaaz Hassan

10th grade

Hello, I'm Muaaz. I love robotics and I'm one of our primary builders. I find science very interesting and I'm looking forward to pursuing it in the future.


Ahmad Hassan

9th grade

Hey, I'm Ahmad. I'm very interested in mechanical engineering and FIRST was a fantastic gateway. I'm a lead scout.


Aarya Patel

10th grade

Hi, I'm Aarya and I love to learn about engineering! I help write Engineering Portfolio and coordinate the team's PR & outreach.


Stellan Jankowski

6th grade

Hey I'm Stellan! I love building and I'm excited to learn about programming. I'm so glad I'm on this team. Robots are cool.


Aarav Kelawala

5th grade

I'm Aarav and I love robots. I help with building and making things for our team. I love learning new things so I joined FTC!


Vraj Prajapati

12th grade

Hey guys I'm Vraj! I love STEM and I'm our lead programmer on the team. Motors go vroom vroom because coding is cool.


Ali Ashir

9th grade

I'm Ali and I am a lead builder! I'm also really interested in learning programming and am excited to work with Java.


Aum Panchal

10th grade

Hey, I'm Aum. I lead our Promote Video and help out with building. I love math and science, robotics is a passion of mine.