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Meet the Team

Meet our members this year! Team applications are currently closed.


Muskaan Sengupta

12th grade

Hey, I'm Muskaan! I'm the captain of Relatively Quantum. My primary roles include programming, authoring the Engineering Portfolio/Notebook and CAD.


Aum Panchal

12th grade

​Hey, I'm Aum. I am one of the main builders. I have a passion for robots and I adore science and math.


Muaaz Hassan

12th grade

Greetings, I'm Muaaz. I'm one of the main Megatron builders and I absolutely adore robotics. I enjoy science a lot and intend to go into the medical field.


Ahmad Hassan

11th grade

Hey, I'm Ahmad. I'm interested in mechanical engineering, and FIRST provided a great entry point. I build on the Tetrix robot.


Aarya Patel

12th grade

Hi, I'm Aarya! I am a primary builder on Megatron, and I'm looking to go into biomedical engineering,


Ali Ashir

11th grade

​I'm Ali and my primary role is to CAD.

Dev Panchal

9th grade

I'm Dev, I love robotics and designing. This is my first season and I am really thrilled to be part of Tetrix robot building team

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