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Are you interested in STEM or robotics? Then take one of our summer classes to learn fundamental robotics and engineering skills! The skills learned by being on one of our robotics teams, or taking our classes are instrumental in today's world of technology. The FIRST program prepares students for the workforce and is thus recognized by several post-secondary institutions. There are a few options for how you can give your students these vital skills, take a look below. To register, contact us, or click the 'Register' button!

Building Robot

1 Month Beginner Class

Grades 6-12

The 1-month beginner class teaches students the fundamentals of robotics and programming. Students will use 3D modelling software such as Fusion 360 to mechanically design robots while programming on virtual simulation software like FTC SIM.


As students familiarize themselves with the software and the concepts taught they will be presented with mini-challenges related to topics learned to test their knowledge, understanding and skills. 

At the end of the course, there will be a final exam which upon passing students will be awarded a certificate!

The cost is $15/h, with each class being one and a half hours long ($22.5/lecture), for a total of 8 lectures. This means a total cost of: $180

Robotics Class

2 Month Advance Class

Grades 6-12

The advanced class builds on the beginner class, utilizing the same tools that were introduced at the beginner level. Students will now perform more complex challenges, and learn more advanced concepts, surrounding both the mechanical design and programming aspects.


Students who are can start with the beginner class and choose to take this later on, as they do not overlap. Additionally, students can choose to only take this class if they believe they already have basic experience with robotics and the software used, a student is recommended to be at least in grade 9 if they chose to skip the beginner course.


Just like the beginner class there will be a final exam which upon passing students will receive a certificate for the course. 

The rate is the same as the beginner classes ($15/h), and there is the same number of classes (8). If you register for both classes simultaneously, the cost is $300, instead of $360.

Most Popular

FTC Robotics Competition

This is the ultimate test of what a student knows. With a plethora of awards and the excitement of competition, this is where students get put to the test, and frankly, learn the most. Here students are left to explore and design their own solutions to the uniquely presented challenges. There is still plenty of mentor guidance, however, students are now encouraged to try to critically think to solve problems. 

Competing on an FTC team is very valuable to learn skills beyond just the technical aspects of robotics. Students build teamwork, leadership, public speaking, fundraising, marketing, and business skills. That's why colleges and universities all across North America value the experience an FTC team has to value so greatly.

For this option, students are required to attend physically, unlike the others. This means that it will only be feasible for students within the GTA.

Becoming a member of the team will require a skillset assessment to verify compatibility in the team, with an additional registration cost of $400(+tax).

Best Value
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