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Relatively Quantum at Worlds!!


Relatively Quantum's Experience at WORLD'S!

Our world's experience was beyond surreal! We had the typical long days, long nights. Finally, all the months of hard work paid off, and we made it to the destination we had never stopped dreaming of! This tournament was nothing short of paradise.


Early mornings started out with team planning and pit stops. Every match was a thrill, and meeting every team we did was such a lovely experience. Getting to know so many wonderful teams from around the world was unforgettable, we've made friends for life! Not to mention, some of us (me), got to meet our idol teams and fangirl over them!


Late nights were spent making spontaneous robot repairs or improvements, not to mention the occasional team Mean Girls rerun. Nights were also a button collection counter, they grow rapidly!


We spent countless hours building, programming, preparing presentations and so much more, and it paid off in the end!

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Team poured their creative juices in creating presentation boards, posters and pit decor. We received lot of good remarks from pit viewers

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